ION – O&M Intelligence Implementation of a Complete Maintenance Management Solution in 3 Utilities

Water Sector




Barcelos, Marco de Canaveses e Paços de Ferreira


2018 - [...]

Development and implementation of a management platform for O&M, both in desktop and mobile versions, in 3 utilities, covering water supply (over 56’000 clients, 2’000 km of pipes, 37 pumping stations and 63 water tanks) and sewer systems (more than 47’000 clients, 1’370 km of collectors and 119 pumping stations), in Barcelos, Marco de Canaveses and Paços de Ferreira. Some features:


– Faster team communication: without paper, hassle free;

– Calendar (search, consult and edit work orders);

– Geolocation – Operational activities control, with an interactive map;

– Planning and management of work orders;

– Activities and resources management;

– Asset management.


– Touch-friendly: clean user interface with advanced mobile features;

– Consult and edit work orders, with full access to descriptions, photographs, locations and relevant attachments (e.g. manuals).